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Houhai English is an English reading institution in Beijing China founded in 2012. We provide high-quality ESL small group classes taught by International teachers for pre-teens and teenagers. Our english foreign teachers break through students' comprehensive English ability by improving their reading ability and helping them master advanced English through 15-level courses. In seven years of intensive refinement, Houhai has accumulated scientific, effective and long-term verified English training methods, attracted a large number of excellent students from primary school to junior high school for in-depth English reading training, and provided unique and effective solutions for teenagers' English language acquisition. We adhere to the values of simplicity. In an era of emphasis on relaxation, Houhai insists on doing things that are not easy, aims to teach students to read deeply, and devotes itself to the habit of having a lifelong positive impact on our students.

Meet Some of Our English Teachers


 Brewington III

BA Business management - East West University, Master TEFL certificate 

Taught ESL in South Korea and Phillipines for 2 years



BA in Psychology - University of Pretoria, MA in Psychology - University of South Africa, TEFL certificate


Taught ESL in South Korea and China for 6 years

Kimberly Balk.jpg




Bachelor of East Asian Studies - Kalamazoo College in Michigan, TEFL certificate


Four years of teaching experience



Magellan Broussard

Bachelors in Business Management and Japanese - Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia, TEFL certificate

Taught in Japan for 4 years. 20 years of teaching experience in America, Africa, and Asia




Bachelors of Arts in Journalism - University of Johannesburg, TEFL Certificate 


More than six years of ESL teaching experience

Joss Taylor.jpg



Bachelors degree in TV and film set design - University of Glamorgan, TEFL certificate


Two years of teaching experience in both Vietnam and Japan. Has taught in China for more than 3 years


Janse Van Rensburg

B. Education (Mechanical Technology) - North-West University, TEFL Certificate


1 year of ESL teaching experience




Rafael Caso

Bachelor of Arts in Music Education - The Ohio State University, TEFL Certificate


Taught Music for two years and has been teaching ESL for more than three years

David Butler.jpg


Erich Butler. 

Bachelors degree in environmental chemistry - Whittier College, California TEFL certificate


16 years ESL teaching and management.




Bachelors degree in English Education - California State University at Chico, TEFL certificate


Taught ESL services at university level, as well as elementary special education grades three through to five. Has also been teaching in China for more than a year

Our Students

We attract students from the best public schools in China hence they are articulate and are above just the basic understanding of the English language. Our school focuses on students aged between five to sixteen

Our Curriculum

Houhai uses teaching materials from National Geographic Learning. Our cutting edge curriculum brings the world to the classroom, and the classroom to life. Learners explore real world content through stunning images, text and video to strengthen their existing global connections while learning English. Our English language teachers and their students experience the excitement and joy of learning that world class explorers, scientists, writers and photographers experience. 

Reading Expeditions for Teens is a dynamic five-level series that develops reading and vocabulary skills.  The reading passages cover a wide range of real-world topics related to culture, science, social studies, travel, adventure, and history. 


The series not only helps learners become better readers of English but also develops visual literacy through the use of visual aids such as graphic organizers.  It also helps build vocabulary by presenting, repeating, and reinforcing high-frequency vocabulary items. 


Essential reading skills and question types commonly found in standardized tests are also covered.  Levels range from CEF A2 to C1.

Wonderful World is an innovative six-level course for primary school children.  It brings the world of English language learning to life through fun stories, breathtaking images and fascinating facts which will engage and entertain young learners, as they find out about the world around them.


Key features

  • Fun stories featuring Trek and his reporters Ty, Leo and Mia and their adventures around the world

  • Short non-fiction reading texts and captivating National Geographic images

  • Pupil’s reality reading which include posters, emails and letters

  • Illustration of grammatical structures and lexical items

  • Gradual development of reading, listening, speaking and writing skills

  • Lively and attractive illustrations and stickers to motivate pupils as well as a variety of games, craft activities and project work to involve them in the learning process

  • Memorable songs and plays that make learning fun

The Novels we teach at Houhai are in fact grade-specific ‘collections’ of literature adapted to lower reading levels. The plans drawn to teach Novels engage students with accessible literature and an interactive environment in which students can answer questions allowing them appropriate access to the same literature.

Key Novel Class Features:

  • Selections that are "must-have" selections in grade-level literature study are included.

  • All genres are represented, including short stories, myth/folktale, drama/epic, and nonfiction.

  • English Coach features that helps ELL students become language detectives.

  • Help students monitor reading comprehension, reinforce vocabulary, and build background knowledge.

  • End-of-selection assessments, in multiple-choice format, provide practice for state reading tests.

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