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Meet the Management Team

Message from the CEO

Wang Yanming, CEO

Houhai English is an English language school in Beijing, China. Our commitment is to provide the best curriculum system, and our mission is to be the leader in English language teaching and acquisition in China. We pride ourselves in delivering quality education to our students, maximizing the value of their future dreams. Our efforts in the above cause have helped us grow tremendously fast, notwithstanding that the only marketing we've had is word of mouth. 


Houhai English is built on fundamentally sound principles.



Houhai English ensures sincerity in it's interaction with teachers, all employees, students, and parents.



By bringing our personal best, including integrity, we hold ourselves and thus the school to a higher standard of performance, leading to constant innovation in everything we do. 



We are committed to providing services that meet or exceed the student requirements and apply to regulatory standards and specifications. Quality is not a delegated responsibility, and each employee is committed to achieving quality goals in the work they perform.


We have a strong code of ethics and conduct framework that applies to all employees and those who work on behalf of Houhai English.



Passion for your job leads to success. Our staff needs to be motivated and driven to be the best they can be. Passion, drive, motivation, zeal, call it what you want. A self-driven attitude about your job and your work can help lead you down the path to success.

BJ Operations

Yao Ying (Yvette)
Operations Manager, Center Operations 

I am from Tangshan in Hebei province which is about 30 minutes from Beijing on a speed train. I have a degree in Instructional English, a teaching license, and more than ten years of teaching experience.  


Right before Houhai English, I worked as an assistant to the CEO of Ivanhoe Group in China. Excellent services, people, and straightforward, effortless systems excite me.


I've been with Houhai English for more than four years. The people, culture, and the urge to make a difference in many children's lives have been a huge influence.

Nico Burger Steyn 
Operations asst.

During my childhood, I was fortunate to travel around the world. Shortly after completing my degree, I embarked on a life-changing journey, flying halfway across the globe to China. 

The privilege of residing in a foreign land has imparted invaluable lessons. My four years at Houhai have been nothing short of a transformative expedition, filled with endless possibilities and profound satisfaction. I am motivated to extend my support to our staff, ensuring that they, too, have remarkable experiences and facilitate the growth of their students.

Ronald Swain
Quality Control Manager

I am from North Carolina in the US. Initially, I was drawn to China by my passion for ESL education and the chance to work alongside the world's foremost entertainment company. I soon discovered that this vibrant nation had so much more to offer. The unparalleled opportunity for personal growth and skill development ultimately kept me rooted.


My three years at Houhai have been an incredible catalyst for continuous growth and acquiring new abilities. This has enriched my teaching repertoire and empowered our remarkable team to reach unprecedented heights.

Shalom Mbazima
Training Manager

I am from South Africa. I have a degree in chemical engineering. I was initially drawn to the wonders of science, but a profound calling to shape young minds beckoned me in a different direction. Perhaps the indelible influence of my mother, a dedicated teacher, sparked this ardor within me.


I have been with Houhai for over four years. My zeal extends beyond merely stepping into the role of a teacher. I am as passionate about equipping fellow educators with the tools and knowledge to create transformative experiences for their students as I am about witnessing the remarkable growth and fulfillment of our little ones in the classroom.


ONL Operations

Wang Xiaolei (Niki),
CEO Assistant.|Head of Online

I am from Henan, the northeastern, central part of China. I graduated with a degree in Business English from Zhengzhou University.


My administrative experience stretches to more than ten years. I have been with Houhai since it started. Our first-class had around 14 students and one English Teacher. And that wasn’t just the first class, it was the whole school.


I have stayed with Houhai because I have always believed that we provide the best for our students. 

Zhang Manyu (Tina),
Assisting Head of ONL Ops. 

I am from Shanxi, and I moved to Beijing after graduating with a degree in English. Over the past two years, I have been a part of the incredible team at Houhai, starting as a CM, then CM leader, to asst. head of ONL Operations. In my role, I oversee scheduling but, most importantly, teaching quality assurance.


One aspect of my job that I truly enjoy is working closely with a unique group of individuals. From observing classes and providing valuable feedback to assisting new educators in preparing for their teaching journey, I find great fulfillment in supporting colleagues and helping them thrive.

Jacob Samuel Spinney,
ONL Ops Manager

I am originally from the United Kingdom. I arrived in China in 2018 and embarked on a transformative journey with Wall Street English before finding my true calling with Houhai.


I have a passion for leveraging a data-driven approach to assess the efficacy of our classes and a strong desire to push the boundaries of excellence to enhance the learning experience of our students and ensure significant progress in their English acquisition journey.


As a Remote Operations Manager, I am immersed in diverse responsibilities spanning the spectrum of teacher management, curriculum design, and analysis. 

David Butler.jpg
David Butler,
ONL Ops Manager


I am from the US but Beijing, has been home for over 15 years, providing me with a deep understanding of the local culture and language. With over 15 years of experience in ESL, I've honed my teaching, management, and curriculum development skills.


I am grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact. As a professional in the field, I take pride in assisting a large number of teachers in enhancing the quality of their lessons. By empowering educators, we can create a ripple effect that benefits students on a daily basis.

The enthusiasm and growth of our young learners are a constant reminder of the significance of our work.

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