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A Day in the Life of Houhai English Students: Summer camp session.

1. Traveling from home to school

Jason is a Grade One student who lives south of the Fourth Ring Road in Beijing. It takes him forty minutes to get to the Yinhai campus every day. He uses his travel time to listen to text for the day and recite it as part of previously assigned homework. Taxis and the subway become Jason's mobile study hall!

2. Sign in and submit homework

Students sign in when they get to the center and submit their homework. "When I arrive at campus, the teacher is already waiting at the check-in desk." Says Max, also a student at Houhai English. He submits his homework and asks the teacher, "Is it possible to get three stickers for today's homework?"

3. Check the 'Mini Shop' for any new additions

"As soon as I get into the classroom, I see that Warren's Mini shop is updated with exciting stationery. You can get the stationery by handing in good homework, working well in class, getting good test scores, and obeying class rules. In exchange, we can earn 'prize money.' "Warren is the boss of the Mini Shop. Besides winning coins, we are also required to use correct English to buy something from the shop." Max recollects.

4. Learn the class rules

For the first lesson in the class, the teacher demonstrates all kinds of behavior not allowed in class. Lamia, a teacher at Houhai English, asks while demonstrating to the students what not to do by putting her finger close to her nostrils, "Do we pick our nose?" All the students laugh!

5. Class Activities for all participants

"Every time we finish reading our text, Teacher Barry organizes an activity that incorporates the words, sentences, and paragraphs from the text so the students can analyze the article again and discuss it with the teacher's guidance. Every child takes the discussion seriously," says Eric, a student at Houhai English.

6. Book a meal

At 11 o'clock, Lisa, a center staff at one of the campuses, will ask students what they would want to eat: "Today, I will help you order a meal. Tell me what you want to eat." One of the students, excited, responds, 'Pizza! Yummy!' Leaving the center staff amused.

To help the students find their lunch quickly, campus staff will also ask parents in the class group to note the class name and child's name and fill in the campus phone number.

7. Class notes

Glendon is a Grade Five student in elementary school and never takes notes at school. But at Houhai English, he says that if you don't take notes, you will miss many words and background information that the foreign teachers have explained. By the fourth day of summer school, Glendon can keep up with the teacher and take notes.

8. Lunch. The moment students look forward to

At the end of the morning's study, the children who ordered take-out food happily find the food their mothers or center staff ordered for them. They don't worry about finding it. The teacher has written your name on your lunch

9. Lunch break. Centre doors close

The center doors are temporarily closed for the lunch break.

10. Afternoon classes begin

When Ms. Sarah appears at the start of her class, all the children run to the teacher and ask: "Are we going to have another unit test today?" Teacher Sarah replies: "That's right! We have tests every other day, and we've been preparing today."

11. Writing class

Gavin, a Grade Three student, rushes out of class to ask the teacher if he can borrow his mobile phone to take pictures. Lynde is teaching her students how to write an essay today. Gavin, while taking pictures, says: "The teacher said I did not write down all the notes. She said I should take the photo home and organize my notes."

12. The BFG American Class Results Show

After reading a novel, the teacher starts a class project. On the fifth day of summer classes, the students design a poster for The BFG.

13. Tidying desks after school

Tidying is a good habit. That's why the last task before class finishes is tidying up the room. "Each time the teacher asks us to clean up, we get more used to it," Kylar says.

14. After school, we say goodbye to the teacher

Sherry and her classmates line up neatly and say "Goodbye" to the teacher before walking out of the classroom.

15. Staying in the center to do homework

Thomas's father comes to the center to pick up his children after work every day. Waiting for his father for more than an hour, Thomas finishes his homework; doing homework with classmates in the center is happier than doing it at home.

16. The study continues when I get home

Listening to exercises and memorizing the homework takes a long time because the assignment is out of order.

It took Bill four hours to finish listening and memorizing his homework on the first day of his summer vacation, and his mother was anxious. That is until they saw the teacher's homework steps and guidance in the Houhai parent group.

17. Bedtime reading time

"I like Harry Potter on Houhai's list of recommended books."

Steve likes all kinds of magical creatures in Harry Potter. He reads them for an hour every day before he goes to bed. On the sixth day of summer school, he's already halfway through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. This bedtime reading brings an end to a busy summer's day.

*This blog has been translated from an article originally posted on our WeChat platform and posted on 2020. 06. 11.

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