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Teaching at Houhai English


At Houhai, English language teachers share the same love for fun, adventure, and teaching. The school's centers and offices are designed to make the working environment relaxed and open for all to work together.

When abroad english teachers join us, we introduce them to coworkers who have already experienced life as newbies. These Houhai English Veterans will be able to answer questions and help newcomers settle in. Moreover, that's not all. Our management team, all the way up to the CEO, have their doors open to all company staff making sharing new ideas very easy. We love to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit openly and transparently! 


Our staff enjoys the intellectual stimulation of sharing ideas and learning from others. We are keen on having ideas shared, examined, evaluated, and expanded on. Now and then, we invest in teambuilding activities where teachers grab some food and drinks together, try some cool events and bond.


Training and professional growth is a big part of being a teacher at Houhai English. All new teachers will go through onboarding training. This includes induction and teaching ESL to local students using curriculum from National Geographic Learning, followed by a refresher on teaching grammar, classroom management, using classroom activities, among others.


Training doesn't stop there. There is ongoing training for all teachers. We aim to help teachers grow professionally. 


Our english foreign teachers work five days a week, including the weekend and enjoy two weekdays off. This isn't too much of an issue because your other friends and colleagues who are also teachers are most likely to share similar days off. The perks? You can visit the same places you would at the weekends but without the crowds.

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