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How Foreign Teachers Benefit from Teaching ESL In China

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

For most people, teaching abroad is an adventure and not a permanent lifestyle. Many teachers often desire to see the world and are able to do it on a teacher’s salary by combining business and pleasure during an international teaching experience. Generally, they will enjoy a 1-3 year stint as a foreign teacher. Then, they can return home to pursue their careers and settle down to a less nomadic life. One of the most popular locations to pursue this teaching experience is in China.

Why would teachers benefit from an International Teaching Experience in China? What will the ramifications of that experience be on their long-term careers?

Gain International Work Experience

The planet is (figuratively) shrinking. Technological advances in communication and travel have changed our world forever. Considering our current global marketplace and economy, international work experience is prized in any field including teaching. Travel gives you a global outlook and life experience that’s hard to come by any other way.

Administrators respect candidates who have lived in other countries and can share first-hand accounts of other cultures with their students. They widely consider teaching abroad to be a mind-broadening and vision-expanding experience. Employers know that teachers who have enjoyed an international teaching experience such as in China (where abundant opportunities are currently available for foreign teachers) tend to bring fresh perspectives and new approaches to the classroom.

Develop Universally Appreciated Teaching Skills

As a foreign teacher in China, you will add many marketable skills to your resume. Your success teaching proves that you’re a great communicator and problem solver. Beyond that, it illustrates your flexibility and your initiative. This also shows your ability to work outside of your own comfort zone. These are all highly sought-after qualities in any teacher.

On top of that you may well come back from your international teaching experience bilingual! Becoming fluent or even casual familiarity with a second language is always a plus on any resume. This tool may well open up further career opportunities for you working with multinational students.

Increased Sensitivity to Diversity

Another undeniable benefit from your experience as a foreign teacher in China will be the increased sensitivity to diversity that you’ll develop through your travels in that country. In addition, your exposure to the Chinese culture, beliefs, and lifestyle will be enhanced. Classrooms are becoming ever more diverse as the world shrinks and countries become increasingly connected. Administrators will view your ability to not only accept and celebrate your students’ differences, but to teach acceptance and celebration of those differences. This is an invaluable asset to their program.

Valued Most in Certain Subject Areas

Of course, some subjects benefit from an international education experience more than others. There is no question that all teachers benefit personally and professionally in many and meaningful ways from an international teaching experience in China.

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