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Top Tips that can Help Foreign English Teachers Succeed in China

If you’re a native English speaker with an adventurous spirit with a bachelor’s degree and TEFL certificate (or the ability to get one) then you might want to consider working as a foreign teacher in China. You could teach in any of a number of China’s beautiful cities and have the experience of a lifetime.

If you’re serious about wanting to teach abroad then consider the following tips. These tips are to ensure that your time teaching in China is positive and successful.

Explore your Options

You will find a vast number of job boards and recruiters out there who will be eager to talk to you. They can offer to set you up as a foreign teacher in China. Make sure you do your research and find reputable companies to work with. These reputable ones will advocate for you and help you find a position that’s right for you. Don’t hop on board with the first agency you see. You need to look around and scout out the various options and benefits they offer.

Also you should explore your options regarding what kind of school you want to teach at. The other factor is where you want to teach in China. China is a very large country. You can choose to teach English in Beijing or in a more rural area. You can work for a private school or at a public school. Make an informed decision and learn as much as you can about where you’re going to be living and working.

Learn about China

Moving across the world to a new country is not a decision to take lightly. The more you know about your host country, the better you will settle in and the less you will experience culture shock.

Immerse yourself in learning about this vast, beautiful, fascinating place! Learn about the amenities, culture, customs, food and the history. Maybe even take a beginners course in Chinese before you go and teach yourself a few helpful phrases which may be helpful.

Embrace the Experience

Don’t go to China expecting to live like you do at home. For instance, don’t limit yourself to eating at fast food chains from the US and shopping at US retailers in China. Instead embrace the opportunity to try new foods and experience new customs. When you have the time, travel to the different cities and provinces and see as much of China as you can! After all who knows when or if you’ll return after your teaching job is over?

Save Money

China’s cost of living is comparatively low. Many schools pay foreign teachers in China quite generously. If you are prepared to live modestly, you can comfortably afford to enjoy your experience living there while still putting away a nice little savings to take home with you.

Be Flexible

A new job always comes with a learning curve. Be patient so you should expect that a new job in a whole new country will have a fairly steep curve. These types of challenges make you build character. Be flexible, respectful and willing to learn. Take the changes in stride and soon the unknown will become familiar and you’ll be grateful you chose to teach abroad.

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