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I remember when I first decided to move abroad to Beijing. All my family and most of my friends were a bit puzzled and overly questioning, "You're moving to Beijing?? Why??" Sound familiar? The truth is moving to live in Beijing is one of the best life decisions I ever made. The quality of living, endless sites to see, exciting and seamless daily life, and let's not forget the FOOD.

So, why do people decide to come live in Beijing? We're here to help answer these questions. Now, perhaps you'll have a full thought-out line of assurance the next time someone questions your judgment about moving abroad to Beijing.

We present to you the top reasons people decide to teach and live in Beijing:


Salary is one of the top reasons people decide to teach in China. Teaching English in Beijing is very lucrative. You can expect the salary to top most other countries when it comes to teaching ESL. Compared to countries like South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and the whole continent of Europe, Beijing tops as one of the highest places to teach English. Not only does Beijing offer high salaries, but there are SO many opportunities in general. You are sure to find your calling once you begin living and teaching in Beijing. Living expenses can also be extremely reasonable. If you're not a big spender, you're sure to save money and pay off those student debts!


Have you had Chinese food? Now, have you had Chinese food in China? If not, get psyched. Chinese food in China is very different from Chinese food at locations in western countries. Beijing cuisine alone is exceptionally diverse. There are many other Chinese food styles from various provinces, and you'll soon learn to understand which is your favorite. From hotpot to Sichuan spice to Cantonese cuisine, there's something for everyone. I can satisfyingly say the food in Beijing is one of the reasons I've stayed. If you're ever in the mood for something completely different, Beijing is flooded with every other type of cuisine imaginable. From cute Japanese restaurants, fancy Italian dining, and BBQ, you'll be covered in the diverse cuisine category.


Transportation is one of the top questions I am asked about from people thinking about moving to Beijing. I can happily assure you that transportation in Beijing is an A-plus. There are various options to go with. The subway is always a reliable source of transportation while being clean and modern. The subways are spread out throughout the city, and subway stations are usually not more than 10 minutes walking distance from where you need to go. Added bonus: all the signs are in English so that you won't get lost! The buses in Beijing are also a great way to get around and very convenient. Then there are the shared-bikes hanging around all over. Shared bikes are the most exercise-friendly way to get to and from a location. All with a simple tap on your phone, you're good to go. The electric scooters are available for the authentic Beijing experience. For the most comfort, you can take a DiDi. DiDis (Uber/ Lyft of Beijing) are very reliable and can be extremely economical! You can get across the whole city for around 30RMB. The app is also in English, so there's no hassle about calling a car. Transportation is top-notch in Beijing.


I remember when I first came to China. I would see cameras everywhere! It felt a bit strange, to begin with, but it became a no brainer after some time. I have never felt safer living and walking the streets late at night before living in Beijing. I feel so safe and secure all the time. People never whistle or catcall/ harass women. It's remarkable. I'm never worried about who may be around the corner or if someone is following me. The cameras have made me feel safer. People keep to their own business in Beijing. Theft is also extremely low, along with petty crimes in general. I am never worried about someone snatching my bag or stealing packages at my front door. Overall, the feeling of safety is superb in Beijing.


Beijing is the Capital city of China. Beijing is also an ancient city, with a rich history spanning over 3,000 years. It truly feels like Beijing is a timeless city. It's incredible learning about the emphasis on harmony and balance in the Chinese culture. You can genuinely feel it in the city. Not only that, but the entire city layout is derived from harmony and balance. The city center includes the wondrous Central Axis in Beijing. The Axis runs south to north. It begins from the Yongding Gate, up to the Zhengyang Gate, to Tian'anmen Square, the Forbidden City, Jingshan Hill, and ending at the Drum and Bell Tower in the north. You can immerse yourself in Chinese culture in unique ways, from Chinese tea houses, traditional Chinese painting, and calligraphy, to centuries-old Chinese silk and ceramics. If you'd like ancient Chinese entertainment, check out a production at the astonishing Beijing Opera! There's so much lively ancient Chinese culture right in the city. Perhaps right outside your door if you decide to live in an old hutong apartment. People love and stay in Beijing because it is so real and makes living a magical, timeless experience.


Living is pretty easy in Beijing, thanks to modern and efficient technology! I did not expect Beijing to be so technologically advanced. The tech lifestyle in Beijing is more developed than any place I've lived in. Apps like Meituan and JSS can help get you to get most things you need, right to your front door, in less than an hour and a half. I ran out of printer paper the other day and was able to get some delivered in 45 minutes! It's amazing. For all house-goods, clothes, and technology, you can use apps like Taobao and JD. You can find absolutely anything you need and get it delivered in a few days. My favorite part about the technology in Beijing is that it's fit for everyday use. WeChat is a fantastic app used in China, which functions as your all in one social media, text messaging, calling, bike hires, food ordering, credit card, and more! Beijing is a cashless city for most people. All transactions can be made right on WeChat or Alipay, anywhere you go! I don't even carry cash in my wallet anymore to pay bills. It's all so easy. Is this real life?


If the city has got several UNESCO sites, it has to be good, right? You will be able to cross a whole SEVEN UNESCO World Heritage Sites living and exploring Beijing alone. The UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Beijing are Forbidden City, Great Wall of China, Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, The Imperial Tombs of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and The Grand Canal. There's so much history right in Beijing. I've frequented some of these sites numerous times because you truly can't ever get enough.


This is a big one. People decide to move to Beijing and teach because the doors of Asia are suddenly opened. You'll be able to explore so many beautiful and rich places in all of Asia during your time living in Beijing. Places like South-East Asia, South Korea, and Japan are so much more accessible than living anywhere else in the world. I never knew I'd be able to see Angkor Wat in Cambodia or the incredible green landscapes in the country-side of Ninh Binh, Vietnam. If traveling is in your heart, living in Beijing will make it a reality. During vacation and time off, my boyfriend and I have traveled to Hanoi, Phnom Penh, Bangkok, Tokyo, and many places in China like Shanghai and Hunan Province. Get ready to cross off all the countries on your bucket list.


The cost of living in Beijing is lower than in most big western cities. You can live quite an economic life while living and teaching in Beijing. With the higher salary you'll earn in Beijing, you'll also most likely be spending less! Day to day living expenses can be meager. A whole meal at a local Chinese restaurant can put you back no more than 50RMB. Transportation is too budget-friendly, with subway rides being less than 4RMB and bike-shares for less than 3RMB. If you don't care for real labels, you can find unique clothes at extreme lows costs, like shoes for 60 RMB and outfits for less than 100RMB. Rent can vary depending on where you live, but you can get a solid one bedroom for less than 8K RMB. There's also so much to do all around the city for free, or close to free from incredible parks, sites, and temples. You can fill a whole day's worth of activities with absolutely no break to the bank. Everyday living is easy, and the cost of living is reasonably affordable.



In the world we live in today, we must not forget about what's in the air! Or, in regards to Beijing, what's not in the air. China was indeed the first to see the spread of Covid-19, but it was also the first to see complete and utter control of Covid- 19. The way the Chinese government has handled the pandemic has been inspiring. The people here in China truly work together for the overall good of all. China has been serious about the control of Covid-19. With this, life in China is all back to normal! Everything is open, people are at work, and kids are happy in school. People understand the importance of working together in China. Talk about harmony and balance! Masks are still required to be worn on subways, and nobody makes a fuss. To enter some buildings and businesses, you must show your health kit on WeChat. The health kit confirms you are healthy and haven't been in any high-risk areas. How organized, right? I feel blessed to be here in China during these uncertain times. I have a great job, a sense of security when I go outside, and again, things are all back to normal here in Beijing.

Well, there you have it! If I were you, I'd begin packing and head on over to Beijing. Life here in Beijing will open the doors for your future. Living and teaching in Beijing is an experience for actual growth, learning, opportunity, and culture.

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